From Shipping harbour to Media harbour

    Although the Düsseldorf shipping harbour was in existence since the 1500s (as did its crest with an anchor symbol), it did not see much shipping traffic.

    The Rhine and its harbour came only into real use in 1866 when the harbour warehouse was built.

    It all came to fruition in 1880 when an architect from Berlin by the name of Mr. Plock was consigned to further develop the harbour.

    The Rhine harbour Düsseldorf was officially opened in 1896 and covered an area of 80 hectares.

    Soon after, the burgeoning trade along the Rhine created a need for customs support and this ultimately gave birth to the Düsseldorf Royal Customs House in 1901-1902.

    We know this fine building today as THE RED – Living Suites by The Rhine.

    The Second World War in the 1940s saw the destruction of the harbour and its infrastructure which unfortunately included the Royal Customs House.

    This building was re-built thereafter, but not to its original splendour.


    Circa 1905 – A dramatic photograph taken from an airship. This shows the northern part of Düsseldorf overlooking the harbour.


    Circa 1930 – A photograph of the fine city of Düsseldorf, showcasing the Rhine Harbour.